Amnesty, Finn Church Aid and the Finnish Red Cross invite you to take part in a change towards a more multi-voiced and compassionate Finland that respects everyone. We all have our own unique stories, but also a lot in common – memories, feelings and dreams for the future. We all are #peoplesimply!

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Meeting challenge

Whose story would you like to hear, and what would you like to tell about yourself? Whose story should the others hear? Whose voice is left unheard in our society?

Participate in People, simply meeting challenge, check your prejudice and meet a person from a different background. You can also download our meeting cards to help you start a conversation.

What was the most interesting thing about your encounter? Did you have something surprising in common with the person you met? Share your insights and stories online with the hashtag #peoplesimply. You can also add a photo or video to your post. And don’t forget to challenge others, familiar and known, to participate!



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Meeting cards

Download People, simply cards to help you start a conversation.

Checklist for compassionate encounters:
• Respect inherent human rights and human dignity.
• Treat everyone as equal and unique individuals.
• Let everyone tell their own story without assuming anything about them.
• Acknowledge differences and diversity, and don’t generalize.
• Use common language, listen to others and respect personal boundaries.

Challenge for you: whose story would you like to hear?

Download meeting cards (pdf)

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We can do it together

People, simply campaign is a change towards more compassionate Finland, started together by Amnesty, Finn Church Aid and the Finnish Red Cross – and you are all invited to join!

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